Red Alarm Clock

Software Design and Original Programming: Dag Ågren
Interface Graphics Design and Additional Programming: Boki Seles

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Apple Mac OS X Dashboard Widget

Software Version: 3.7

Red Alarm Clock Widget

This is a digital alarm clock that will raise the volume as it plays your favourite tracks from your iTunes library, to wake you in the morning. Just set the time using the digits on the front face (or your keyboard) and press the alarm button. Flip the widget to set the iTunes playlist to play and the maximum volume at which you want it to wake you. To deactivate the alarm, bring up the Dashboard and press the alarm button again.

You may also use your Apple Remote to pause the song playing, until you get around to deactivating the alarm.

Installing: Make sure you enable your Energy Saver Schedule function, so that Red Alarm Clock will always have a chance to wake you. To do this launch System Preferences, then click on Energy Saver, then click on the "Scheduleā€¦" button. Tick the first checkbox, that says "Start up or wake". If it's already ticked, then you're set. Click "OK".

System Preferences Energy Saver Preference Pane

To make sure that Red Alarm Clock wakes you even when there is a power failure; in Energy Saver, click the "Options" tab, and tick the "Restart automatically after a power failure" option. Add Dashboard to "Login Items", in System Preferences' Accounts settings.

Please Note: Red Alarm Clock currently has NO support for daylight saving time changes.

Red Alarm Clock is based on Dag Ågren's work, the Alarm Clock widget. Red Alarm Clock was published with permission from the original author.

Special thanks to red_menace and Mark Douma, and of course to Dag, for helping me with the Computer Wake Time Assistant script.

This software is provided as is, and the developers take no responsibility for any sort of damage, whatever your reason may be. This work is copyrighted.


Q: Red Alarm Clock sometimes doesn't play the playlist, I set it to play. Is it unreliable?

A: This is a bug I haven't had time to fix. If your playlist's name contains any special characters (such as quotation marks, or accented letters), Red Alarm Clock will fail to play the music, and wake you. Make sure you either set playback to use the "Current" playlist, or rename your specified playlist, so that it contains only simple characters. If you make this precaution, you will be quite safe.

Q: I keep seeing password prompts... What's up with that?

A: Mac OS X's security settings block an application from accessing the computer's wake time power schedule. Red Alarm Clock needs you to type your admin password, to set the computer's wake up time, so that in turn, it can wake you.

Computer Wake Time Assistant

Q: My Red Alarm Clock froze; why?

A: The first time you run the widget and set your alarm, Mac OS X may cause a considerable delay, and prompt you whether to "Open" or "Cancel" the running of Computer Wake Time Assistant. This is a necessary utility that assists Red Alarm Clock to wake your computer on time for your alarm settings; make sure you click "Open". If you had chosen "Cancel", the widget will freeze, as it is waiting for the assistant to launch. Download the widget again, and this time make sure you click "Open".

Development Summary:


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